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Innovate 100 years of KM History with the latest IoT Technology for the best Cutting

High Cutting Ability, High Material Fixing Force, High Durability, and KM Original Belt Sharpening System make it possible to cut accuracy.

KMC Auto Cutter


We are challenging about Cutting more than 100years.

It is high quality cutter with craftsmanship.

In 2008, Hashima took over the KM cutting machine brand, which was established in Kamakura in 1912. Hashima’s technology, which has been involved in sewing since 1956, and KM’s technology, which has been cultivated through 100 years of thinking about cutting, are fused together to create a new stage.

Ideal for cutting this type of material





Car Seat

Zero buffer cutting for woven, knit, denim, etc., optimal cutting with KM EDIT cutting editing software, support for welded materials



Belt Type Sharpening

The knife sharpening is the most important process and the belt grinding method is used to maintain optimal sharpness at all times.

  • The knife sharpening is the most important process and the belt grinding method is used to maintain optimal sharpness at all times.
  • The system automatically notifies you when it is time to replace the sharpning belt.
  • The system automatically notifies you when it is time to replace the sharpning belt.

Easy Maintenance

Hashima’s KMC Auto Cutter is designed to last for more than 10 years. Therefore, it is designed with a simple structure so that customers can take care of it by themselves.
The machine can be used for many years with simple maintenance of the parts that “Need to be taken care of”.

knife mesurement eng

Knife Width Auto-Measurement Device

By employing an automatic knife measuring device, it is possible to constantly recognize changes in the blade width after grinding and perform accurate cutting. Since the blade wear rate is not always constant and varies depending on the surrounding conditions, the calculated value will have an error. Even if the error is small, the changing blade width is actually measured and reflected in the control in order to pursue higher accuracy.


ECO & Proper Vacuum Pressure by Inverter Control

The auto vacuum pressure control consistently maintains the preset pressure value during auto cutting. Even materials that are prone to air leaks after cutting are fixed properly by the auto pressure control with quick recovery, enabling accurate cutting.


Easy Operation

The current operating status is always converted into data as a report, allowing maintenance staff to grasp the machine status by simply referring to the file. The next operation to be performed by the operator is displayed on the screen, and cutting can be easily performed by simply answering Yes/No questions.

Steps before installation

After receiving your inquiry, a representative will contact you to discuss your specific needs and delivery schedule.
You can also bring in your own material for a test cut on our showroom machine.
Please come and check the accuracy and quality of our products.

For questions about our products or to place an order,
please contact us by form or phone.

Order from Overseas

Over 110 countries for Export Record

We can also handle orders from overseas. Hashima has sales companies and sales offices in China, Singapore, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh, and has shipped to 110 countries around the world.

Our local distributor staff will respond quickly to any problems with the machine. As soon as you make an inquiry, Hasima will contact you directly or through an agent to discuss your needs, and the agent or our staff will visit you within a week.

For software, we can provide remote and online support from Japan.

km-PCM Plan and Cutting
Management Software
km-LINK Connecting Equipment Software

The km-PCM integrates everything from spreading planning to cutting operations in the cutting room with IoT technology that communicates via the Internet to save labor in cutting planning and solve a variety of problems. Normally, production planning is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process, but with the use of calculation software, planning can be reduced and the minimum number of pieces can be produced in a short period of time.

km-PCM & km-LINK en

Solving problems in the cutting room

  • Want to share production orders quickly and accurately.
  • Based on the complex size and color combinations and the number of orders received, it takes a lot of manpower and time to plan for spreading.
  • For spreading and cutting, you can’t tell how long it will take until you do the work.
  • Want to check the status of the entire cutting room.
  • Due to sudden production changes, work changes related to spreading and cutting do not go well.
  • It is difficult to manage the coordination of inspection, CAD data creation, spreading and cutting.
  • Want to be more efficient in terms of worker behavior.
  • Want to know in advance about problems that prevent spreading/cutting from being done on schedule.


Easy management via Internet

By using a cloud computing service, km-PCM can be connected to the Internet via Lan (Local Area Network) or Wi-Fi (wireless LAN), and an account will be issued to each administrator. By logging in using that account, the status of the cutting room can be monitored regardless of the location. The system also makes it easy to grasp the production schedule for new orders, simplifying delivery management.

Spreading and Cutting Planning automatically

The old way of doing things was complicated in calculation and caused a lot of fabric loss.
The software creates an optimal spreading plan and schedule.

km-PCM directly instructs the operator

KM-PCM directly instructs the operator on what to do next, increasing work efficiency.

  • The progress of warping and cutting can be checked in real time.
  • If there is a problem in the preparation of the warp, it will be displayed in a different color on the progress monitor.
  • The schedule of warping and cutting can be easily changed, and the information can be instantly shared with all workers, managers, and other concerned parties.

Register the results of spreading and cutting directly from the Spreader and Auto Cutter to km-PCM.

Auto Labeler


KMLB Series

With the use of a labeler, the machine grasps the marker data. By attaching the label sticker on the fabric, cutting marker paper becomes unnecessary.

When used in conjunction with the KMC Multi-Ply Auto Cutter, labor can be saved from spreading to cutting.


High speed, accuracy, and stability

Fast, accurate, and stable labeling.
Marker paper is not required.

Easy operation

A large touch screen makes it easy for anyone to operate.

High performance thermal printer

Thermal printing for high speed and low cost. Low-adhesive stickers ensure stable labeling.

Auto Spreader

KMS-SV5 Series

Manual spreading leaves unnecessary tension in the fabric, which can deform the parts even if they are cut accurately in the subsequent process, but with the fully Auto Spreader, highly shrinkable materials such as woven and knitted fabrics can be spread without tension. This leads to the production of high quality products.

In addition, the machine is highly productive as it can automatically perform high-speed spreading by simply setting the spread length and number of layers.

Almighty FS type

The FS type can handle all kinds of woven and knit materials.

VC type for knit and Lingerie

VC type is suitable for knit fabrics and Lingerie.

HD type for heavy materials

HD type for heavy-duty fabrics such as denim and urethane materials.

Realizes ideal spreading by tension control according to the fabric and multifunctional equipment.

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